Pet Portrait Photography

Pet Portrait Photography

We love to photograph our pets because we love them so much!

Pet Portrait Photography tips:

1) Bring lots of patience- pets can be challenging

2) Get down low so the camera is even with the dog or cats eyes. Do not photograph them as you look down at the pet (i.e. when you are standing).

3) Reduce your Fstop. shoot at F1.4 or 2.8 so the background is blurry. The dog will then be in clear focus but the background will be out of focus.

4) Expect the unexpected.  If you shoot in natural light then you do not have to wait for your light to charge up.  Dogs change their positions quickly so plan to take lots of image very quickly.  Consider setting your camera to burst so you can take 6 or more images per second. You will then be able to catch to micro motions that normally you’d miss because the pet moves so quickly and unexpectedly.

More Pet Portrait Photography Tips

5) Don’t look at the back of the camera- you will miss shots!

6) The early morning or evening lighting is best when the light is not so harsh. If it is necessary, use a white card to fill in the shadows. If you need to use a flash keep it set it on manual to 1/64 power so you can continue to shoot quickly and not wait for the batteries to recharge the flash.

7) Let the animal have fun and act naturally. Allow them to run around- use a zoom and you will catch some great candid images.

8) Use these same principals for cats and other animals or reptiles.

9) You never know what you will get because animals are unpredictable.  You will probably have to take many, many images to get even a few really great images!

The video by Mark Puckett with Pet Photography Tips is posted below-I hope you enjoy it!



Pet Portrait Photography