Make a Living With Travel & Landscape Photography

Make a Living With Travel & Landscape Photography

I am frequently asked by amateur photographers about how to start a photography business.. They describe their passion in creating photographs and explain that they would love to quite their jobs and just take photos all day long.

I recently came across a series of videos by Elia Locardi. Elia did just that! He had been a professional photographer but his passion was landscape photography.  With a great deal of  faith and a lot of talent, he and his wife struck out to make a living on landscape photography.  I have attached three videos below. The first one talks about his journey to make enough money in landscape photography so he could support himself and his wife.  The other two videos are educational videos about how to take better landscape photography..

Of course, one of the methods that he uses to support himself is to teach people how to improve their landscape photography. He is so very talented and I learned a great deal from his videos.

I hope you find the videos posted below to be informative.  If you want to learn more from Elia, you can purchase more detailed tutorials that he has produced. The information about these tutorials is in the videos



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