Headshots for LinkedIn

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Headshots for LinkedIn

Cynthia McIntyre Photography creates headshots for LinkedIn that will ensure that you appear successful, confident, approachable and good looking.  Headshots for LinkedIn should illustrate your professionalism and commitment to your job.

They are NOT selfies.  They are not photos that you had taken at a social event. Worse yet, a headshot should never be cut out of another image!

Cynthia McIntyre Photography will consult with you in advance about what to wear for your headshots for LinkedIn session and how to prepare.

Did you know that some make up photographs better than others?  Should men wear make-up to a session?  Should you wear a red tie or a blue tie?   Cynthia McIntyre will provide written information that you can review at your leisure prior to your session that will answer these questions.  Your clothes can mean the difference between successful headshots for LinkedIn and failures.  Cynthia McIntyre will guide you through the process so you feel prepared and confident.

A session with Cynthia McIntyre Photography is light hearted and stress- free.  Most of her clients are heard saying “that was fun” as they leave her studio.

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Headshots for LinkedIn