Funky Photography Tips

Funky Photography Tips

I think everyone has their list of reasons why they love YouTube.  Like most people, i can spend hours watching videos on YouTube.  One of the things that I like best about YouTube is the fact that it is a depository of videos by very creative still photographers.  Photographers all over the world are experimenting with their DSLR’s and are coming up with some really cool techniques.  They post the images and tutorials on YouTube so others can learn of their new technique.

While it is sometimes difficult to find these videos (since I do not know what their new technique is called) – I am persistent to find them.   I will be posting these cool funky photography tips occasionally so other like-minded photographers out there can learn of these new techniques.

The video I came across most recently shows Funky Photography Tips. They presented the tips very quickly with little detailed information. However, from these kernels of info, if you want, you can take the tip and experiment with it and expand on it.

Tip 1) Balloons- Have the subject hold a bunch of balloons and jump in the air. Then cut the subject (and balloons) out of the image and place them in another photo so they look like they are floating.  Umbrella- Have the subject hold an umbrella and ask them to jump in the air. Then cut the subject and umbrella out and place them floating like Mary Poppins.

Tip 2)  Freelensing- Detach the lens from your DSLR and hold it in front of the camera. Manually focus the lens.  Part of the image will be in focus and part will be out of focus.  This give a soft tilt-shift blur effect.

Tip 3) Light Stenciling-  Make a simple design on a piece of paper that will work as a stencil. Glue the stencil on a box.  Cut out the shape of the stencil. Place wax paper and green cellophane over the stencil opening.  Have the subject in the foreground and take a long exposure. Use a flash light to shine though the stencil opening. Turn it on and off randomly behind the model so you have multiple images made during the long exposure.

Tip 4) Polaroid Collage-  Take multiple images of an object or person and then put the images together like a puzzle.

5) Broken mirror-  Break a large mirror and then photograph your subject reflection in the mirror.

6) Colored Lights- Use cellophane and stick-type flashlights. Wrap the cellophane around the stick flashlights or place the cellophane over the opening. Then shine the colored lights on your subject.  Experiment by using multiple colors of cellophane simultaneously.

7) Hula hoop- Use red Christmas LED lights and tape them around the perimeter of the hula hoop. Use a long exposure and wave the lighted hula hoop in front of the camera for some cool effects.

The video showing these Funky Photography Tips is posted below


Funky Photography Tips